CSI receives US patent for community based managed health kiosk & prescription dispensement system

csiComputerized Screening, Inc. (CSI) has announced that after eight (8) years of review by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company has been granted a patent directed to community based managed health kiosks and prescription drug dispensing systems, and more particularly to facilitating automated drug dispensement by a kiosk system following authorization by a remotely located health care professional monitoring a patent via the CSI Managed Health Kiosk System.

Publicly available self-directed health care stations have been available at varying levels of complexity and sophistication for many years, and blood pressure monitoring systems are often available in retail pharmacies, doctors' offices, corporate facilities, and retail centers.

As health care costs have increased, the need for convenient, efficient, low cost, and professionally accurate screening has become extremely important, and CSI's patent makes it possible to measure, record, analyze, and communicate data from non-invasive and invasive testing from a variety of input devices so a patient can receive a diagnosis through a telemedicine visit with a physician and thereafter receive a non-narcotic prescription, if needed, directly dispensed at the CSI Managed Health Kiosk.

This patent will change the way individuals receive care; particularly in remote locations, while traveling, at worksites, and when seeing a doctor is not possible in a timely manner.

Computerized Screening, Inc. is a privately held health care technology, medical device and information company manufacturing medical kiosks in the US since 1978 that dramatically decrease health care costs by providing ease-of-use access to self-administered health and fitness testing with convenient access through telehealth to health monitoring, assessment tools, early symptom detection, and information for disease prevention.


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