Beyoncé defends confidentiality request in ‘Blue Ivy’ TM case

TrademarkBeyoncé has defended her request to keep parts of a dispute over the ‘Blue Ivy’ trademark confidential in order to ensure the “privacy and safety” of her and her family.

She had previously asked for a protective order, which was then opposed by Vernonica Morales, who has filed an opposition against the application.

In a filing recently, Beyonce’s holding company BGK Trademark Holdings said, “BGK cannot think of any explanation for opposer’s unreasonable positions other than a desire to harass BGK’s principal, Mrs Carter [Beyoncé], and disclose her confidential information to the public.”

The move is the latest twist in the battle over the ‘Blue Ivy’ trademark, which Beyoncé first applied for in 2012 but which was denied as the mark was already owned by an events company run by Morales.

After initially seeking a modified protective order in August, BGK said in its latest filing, “BGK is not seeking to ‘seal off this proceeding almost entirely from the public.’ BGK is also not proposing that all documents filed in this proceeding be sealed.”

It added, “Rather, BGK requested modifications to the protective order to ensure that information designated confidential and materials disclosed in discovery remain private and confidential.”

The singer had applied to trademark her daughter’s name when Blue Ivy was born in 2012. In January this year, BGK re-applied for the trademark (US application number 86883293) for use with a string of products including playing cards, key chains, baby teething rings and DVDs.

It came after US application number 85526099 was abandoned in February 2016.

Morales owns US registration number 422,4833 for the ‘Blue Ivy’ mark for use in event planning and consultation, and has opposed the registration of BGK’s mark.


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